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How to Crate Train Your Dog in Nine Easy Steps American Kennel Club

Use the same motion you’d use to toss the treat to slowly hand your dog the snack. Next, take a couple of steps back and, using the same motion, gently lob the treat. Watch this video for the full dog trick training method.

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During this stage your pet should already know to give his paw once you say “paw”. Soon after a few classes he needs to have it down pat. Try these cute and easy-to-learn pet tricks that are wildly fun to teach your dog.

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Reward your dog with treats, praise, or playtime when they exhibit good behavior or successfully learn a new trick. This encourages them to continue learning and trying new things. From the basic “sit” command to trick training, there’s all sorts of behaviors dogs can learn and have fun with. From basic commands like sit and stay to more complex behaviors like opening doors and fetching items, dogs have the potential to learn a wide range of behaviors. Teaching your dog to stay is crucial for their safety and control. Then, with your hand outstretched and palm facing them, say “stay” while taking a step back.

Once dog offers you paw just spoke “high five” and offer him a goody and a pat on the head. Once perfecting the give me your paw, that one would have been a snap for him to discover. Soon after couple times he’ll give you a high five with only a hand motion instead of giving him the voice command and a reward.

Building a Longer Routine

The puppy can safeguard your home and guard your young kids. He/she may also lead your grandma who is having issues along with her vision.

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