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Comparing Travel Nursing Insurance Options: Private vs. Employer-Provided


As a travel nurse, you’ll quickly discover that securing appropriate health insurance is a crucial aspect of your overall compensation package. When it comes to health insurance options, two primary choices often emerge: private health insurance and employer-provided insurance. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and understanding the differences between them is essential for making an informed decision about your healthcare coverage while on assignment.

Private Health Insurance for Travel Nurses:

Flexibility and Portability:

Private health insurance plans offer a high degree of flexibility and portability. You can select a plan that suits your specific needs and preferences, and it remains with you even if you change assignments or employers. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for travel nurses who frequently move between locations.

Access to a Wide Network of Providers:

Private insurance plans often have extensive networks of healthcare providers and hospitals. This means you can choose from a broader range of healthcare professionals and facilities, making it easier to find care wherever you’re stationed.

Customizable Coverage:

With private insurance, you have the ability to customize your coverage. You can select the level of coverage, deductibles, and additional benefits that align with your healthcare requirements.

Consistent Coverage:

Private insurance ensures that your coverage remains stable, regardless of your employment status. It provides a sense of continuity and eliminates the need to switch insurance plans when transitioning between assignments or agencies.

Employer-Provided Insurance for Travel Nurses:


One of the primary benefits of employer-provided insurance is its convenience. Many travel nursing agencies offer insurance as part of their compensation package, saving you the hassle of searching for and enrolling in a private plan.

Group Rates:

Employer-provided insurance often comes with group rates, which can be more cost-effective than individual private plans. This can result in lower premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

Uniformity Among Assignments:

If you work exclusively with one agency that provides insurance, you’ll have consistent coverage across all assignments, simplifying the insurance process.

Employer Contributions:

Some agencies contribute to a portion of your insurance premiums, reducing your overall healthcare costs.

Considerations for Making the Choice:

Coverage Quality:

Evaluate the comprehensiveness of both private and employer-provided insurance plans. Ensure that the plan you choose covers the essential healthcare services you require.


Compare the premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses associated with each option. Consider your budget and financial preferences.

Network of Providers:

Determine whether the insurance plans include the healthcare providers and facilities you prefer or need access to during your assignments.


Think about how often you switch assignments and how important it is for your insurance to be portable and consistent.

Additional Benefits:

Consider any additional benefits offered by either option, such as wellness programs, telemedicine services, or prescription drug coverage.


The choice between private health insurance and employer-provided insurance for travel nurses ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. Private insurance offers flexibility, customization, and portability, while employer-provided insurance offers convenience and potential cost savings. Carefully assess your needs and preferences, and don’t hesitate to consult with insurance experts or your travel nursing agency for guidance. Regardless of your choice, having adequate health insurance is essential for ensuring your well-being as you embark on your exciting travel nursing journey.

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